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Maruyama Ryuhei x Shibutani Subaru Fan Comm

Maruyama Ryuhei x Shibutani Subaru fan community
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A community focusing on the adorably cute relationship of Maruyama Ryuhei and Shibutani Subaru!


♥ A community for fans of the Kanjani8 pairing of Maruyama Ryuhei and Shibutani Subaru ♥


This community accepts fan fiction, fan art, icons, FMVs, manips, and other sorts of media made by fans. The pairing focus is Maru/Baru/Maru, in any way you desire. If another pairing is to be shared, do make sure that Maru/Baru in some way is included in your posting. :)


Community rules:

* No off-topic posting (somehow relate to the boys, please!)
* No spam -- be it posts or in comments (this means quizes, memes, chain letters, and the like)
* Please post wisely -- if you're not sure if it should be posted here, ask a mod! We don't bite! (Often...)
* All media-post must be FRIENDS-LOCKED!
* Any material that falls under the Livejournal TOS definition of obscenity MUST BE FRIENDS-LOCKED. This includes fic, questionable NSFW artwork, and so forth. Check THIS POST if you have a question. Or ask a mod. Or lock it to be safe.
* Images/video/etc. that is NOT YOURS must be credited to the original source.


Fic/Art posting guidelines:
Images must be UNDER AN LJ-CUT. Icons may allow 3 preview icons but the rest must be cut. All fiction must be under an LJ cut as well.

When posting, please provide the following:
Warnings: (such as: "death fic" "NSFW (or, Not Safe For Work)", D/s, BDSM, etc.)

You may have other tags, this is quite okay. As long as Title, Author, Rating and Warnings appear, you're pretty well safe. Everyone has their own way of doing that.

Get to posting!
Your mods, zukkii and kooriyoukai


This community does not purport to say that the individuals involved in writing, artistic representation, or other media formats that may appear in this community are in any way, shape, form, or fashion actually doing what we are saying they are. We are not in any way affiliated to these persons, their friends and/or coworkers, nor their management company. We are fans, who are rather taken by these individuals, and admire their abilities and talents. All intellectual property here is copyright to the owners -- songs are copyrighted to their writers and composers, videos copyrighted to the stations producing them. Images are copyrighted to photographers and magazines, and no rights on any of these media are reserved except to copyright holders. Fan art, fan fiction, and icons (to extent of creation, not images contained within) are copyrighted to their creators in the community, some rights reserved in Creative Commons. Any media shared within the community must be credited to creators, and if desired by copyright owners to be removed immediately upon notification of infringement.